Earth Heals

All Natural Irritation & Itch Relief

Earth Heals is an all natural, organic salve that helps to heal many skin problems* and their related symptoms. It can be used on both humans and pets. The salve cools & calms irritated, red, and itchy skin. It helps sores heal fast and can be used to fight bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. 

The healing formula contains 11 anti-microbial, anti-infection ingredients, as well as 3 powerful Chinese herbs. The sesame oil base allows the ointment to travel through the skin faster than other oils. 

Use Earth Heals Salve to treat:

Bug bites               Eczema

Bee stings             Bed sores

Poison ivy             Poison oak

Sun burn             Cuts & scrapes

*You may still need internal medicine depending on your condition.


Our Story

While in Hawaii with my husband, I was desperate to find a treatment for all of the bug bites I received as a welcome gift from the local insects. After trying most of the over-the-counter medicines, I was still itching and my bites weren’t getting any better. The next day, we stumbled upon a local store and the storeowner pointed us to this salve, claiming it worked like magic. After applying it once, I stopped itching & aching, and the next day the bite marks started to disappear. The results were amazing! This salve really worked like a
We took the salve back to LA and continued using it for all kind of skin problems. 
We discovered the creator of the salve was a well-known licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist in Hawaii. He made the ointment for his patients and also distributed it to a handful of stores in Hawaii. We couldn’t resist the thought of bringing this amazing product to our friends and family to try. We eventually decided to partner with him and start distributing it in Los Angeles and beyond. 
We founded Earth Heals with one goal in mind: giving our customers access to this amazing product that we have used for years. We are a family and we conduct business according to family values, knowing that better service equals loyal customers.


Hello sleep and goodbye itchiness!

According to the National Eczema Association (NEA), people who frequently experience itchy skin may have difficulty sleeping and may become depressed or anxious. They may also scratch their skin, causing small tears, which are prone to infection. 
Earth Heals salve can be a life changer for those people, as it's the best and most natural salve to relieve itchiness and soothe the skin.

Earth Heals is an all natural and organic salve that magically helps humans and pets with many skin

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